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Mission Statement

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We realize that education is fundamental for the complete development of individuals. As teaching institute. Endeavor to hardness this inherent potential through meeting the growing needs of higher technical education. As we progress, we will expand into new technologies, methodologies, disciplines resources and even attitudes

To achieve this SAVPM will ensure the highest quality of faculty, recourses and infrastructure

These will be structured with a focus on academic excellent and versatility in approach, that will meet the ever increasing needs of the students, supporting this, is the institute’s commitment to education and research. This will encourage and assure students in their pursuit of knowledge.

All this is a reflection of the institute’s responsibility to build a society that is vibrant and growing through knowledge sharing and enhancing.

To impart pragmatic, value based and quality education for empowering the young aspirants; in the pure and applied learning of arts, commerce & science from Kg to graduation level, deploying modern infrastructure and appropriate technology, an ideal climate for intellect and brilliance to thrive by creating an dedicated, learned teachers and sincere, proactive, prosocial and studious students.

Our Vision

To create a centre of academic excellence in the filled of kg to graduation and IT education with the purpose of fulfilling the industry requirements through holistic development of the possess the right knowledge, skill sets & attitude towards their work and life

Internal Processes

We Shri Anand Vidya Prasarak Mandal have picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the demands of the existing business environment our (shri Anand Vidya Prasark Mandal) Motto is the pursuit of excellence, a face that is evident from our infrastructure and the quality of individually. At the core of the philosophy lies the conviction that we must become ambidextrous, and this dynamism is translated into the knowledge provided to our students. We look forward to a constant search for excellence to constantly strengthen our efforts and make this country a place to reckon with, in the world community.