Secretarial Desk

  Dear Parents and Students, Thank you for your interest in Sancheti College as the name suggests the college drives its inspiration from the noble work of many social reformers, eager to spread knowledge for different strata for society. I have been attached with this esteemed organization since 2009, and consider its my privilege to be associated with it for so long. Its a time where Sancheti Schools and colleges are whole heartedly dedicating themselves for these sacred social work and the credit for this goes to my colleagues and well-wishers.
Dear students, in the present days of globalization, liberalization and privatization it becomes necessary to think global and to act accordingly. Everyone in this world have their dreams.

  As a parent, they want their child to survive and succeed in this competitive world, you have your dreams which you want to pursue easily, new directions are to be sought and we at Sancheti are determined to see that they are achieved. Sancheti College offers various Professional Courses like B.B.A. (CA), BBA and B.C.S., considering your future growth and train you to equip yourself to be more effective in global service. The Sancheti college courses are opened to all, and this prospectus will answer your questions regarding our course offerings and will show how you can benefit from them.

Mrs. Varsha Sancheti
Secretary, Governing Council,
Sancheti College of Arts, Commerce & Science Thergaon, Pune